Brännö island: day trip from Gothenburg

Our Brännö island day trip from Gothenburg was not only a highlight of our honeymoon, but the best day trip of any holiday we’ve ever been on.

We spent the first few days of our honeymoon in Gothenburg. Despite the city not feeling big or busy and being very green, we still wanted a day trip out to somewhere more rural. So we picked the beautiful island of Brännö, in the southern part of the archipelago, where cars are banned and there are only around 800 inhabitants (perfect for the popular hobby of people-avoiding).

It was recommended to us by the lady in the ticket office for the ferry. There were other islands to choose from, but we took her advice and did not regret it.

To get there, we took the number 11 tram from the city centre to the ferry/boat terminal. It took about half an hour. Then we got on the ferry.


When we landed on Brännö, we were stunned by how beautiful and quiet it was. The ferry across was full, but people seemed to quickly disperse and we were left to wander through the car-free little roads by ourselves, taking it all in.


We were very lucky with the weather. It was a lovely spring day in May with clear blue skies and a breeze. As usual with our holidays, we ended up being ridiculously thirsty and miles from a shop to buy water. We eventually found it – it seemed to be the only shop on the island and a hub of activity for residents.


After more wandering round residential areas ooh-ing and ahh-ing at the beautiful little houses and gardens, we were starving. We found two restaurants, but only one was be open, so that put a stop to any annoying indecision and frantic TripAdvisor-ing.

I can’t find the restaurant’s name but it was situated just past the shop and had a lovely sunny courtyard. It also served local beer, which is always a plus. We both had the incredibly cheap day menu (top tip for Swedish holidays: get the lunchtime deals). It was fresh mackerel and veg. Delicious.


We needed a rest after eating, so went and found this glorious little harbour to have a sit and watch the water.DSCF2604DSCF2607DSCF2614

The whole island was full of fragrant blossoms and beautiful walks.DSCF2626DSCF2629DSCF2631

The lack of cars was a real treat. We didn’t want to leave the island and go back to noisy reality. It also made for an amazing scene of commuter bicycles all waiting for their owners to get back from jobs on the mainland. As well as normal bicycles, motorised carts were very popular. DSCF2632DSCF2633

We then got the ferry and the beautiful old blue tram back to the centre. One of our best day trips on holiday ever.



Brännö island day trip from Gothenburg: useful information

How to get there

We took the number 11 tram from Gothenburg city centre to the ferry/boat terminal. It took about half an hour. Then we got on the ferry and enjoyed the ride, as you do.

Where to stay

There is somewhere to stay on Brännö itself, but it was a day trip for us. As it was our honeymoon, we had splashed out and stayed in the exquisite IQ Suites apartments in Gothenburg.

How to get around

Cars are banned so it’s all on foot or bicycle: bliss.

When to go

May was a good time to go – sunny, warm weather and blossom on the trees. It might not be so enjoyable on a wet, grey day.

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