Three days of mostly eating in Stockholm, featuring the best brunch ever

We visited Stockholm as the second destination on our honeymoon. Our visit was designed around going to the Eurovision Song Contest for two nights, so we didn’t have much time to do tourist or cultural stuff. But that was okay, because we’d been before and will definitely return. I won’t talk about Eurovision in this post, because it warrants one of its own at some point!


We started out by wandering round regaining our bearings. We were lucky with the weather on the first day – bright sunshine and a warm breeze. Perfect for strolling round Stockholm’s myriad beautiful streets.


It was so hot that we ended up having an ice cream – lactose free for Chris of course! One of the best things about Sweden is the abundance of lactose-free products. This was just from a normal ice cream stall – ‘laktosefrei’ flavours alongside the usual milk-based ones.DSCF2789For lunch, we HAD to head to Nystekt Strömming. We’d been on our last trip to Stockholm. It is a legendary food stall just outside Slussen metro. They serve a very simple menu, with the herring wrap being the most popular. It has to be eaten to be believed.

Nystekt Strömming
Nystekt Strömming’s famous herring, mashed potato and dill sauce wrap

After more wandering, we were keen to try some beers from Stockholm’s craft beer brewery, Stockholm Brewing Company. We had a superb cherry sour. The best sour we have ever had and every sour since has been a disappointment in comparison.

Stockholm Brewing Company beers at Brewdog

For our evening meal, we headed to Bistro Bestick for some meatballs. Very cliché, but you can’t be in Sweden and not do meatballs. At 18SEKK each, they were a bit of a bargain. The fact one of us was hammered from the aforementioned beers did not hamper the experience…

Bistro Bestick

The next was the Eurovision Grand Final, which we’ve already said we’re not going to go into in this blog. So that day happened (!).

The day after that, we were surprisingly not hungover but were absolutely knackered so ended up sleeping in until 12. The weather had gone cold so we got wrapped up and headed out in search of brunch.


We’d already clocked this amazing-looking little café in Södermalm, our favourite area of Stockholm. It’s called Alskade Traditioner and had a bicycle in the window. What more could you ask for? A retro interior, milkshakes and bacon waffles. That’s what. And it had all of these things and more.

It was actually quite overwhelming. There was mini bunting on cake displays. Lacto-free milkshake and kladkakka. Bacon waffles. Plates in the shape of fish. Swedish people being lovely and stylish and impeccably behaved (as ever). Everything the perfect brunch consists of and more. We later decided that it was the best thing we’ve ever eaten – obviously hard to compare all different types of food like brunch, bistros, simple cafés, afternoon teas, tasting menus… but in the grand scheme of things, it wins hands down.


Retro wall at Alskade Traditioner
Alskade Traditioner


Bacon waffle at Alskade Traditioner
Lactose-free kladkakka at Alskade Traditioner
Lactose-free milkshake at Alskade Traditioner
Mini bunting at Alskade Traditioner

We spent the afternoon mooching round in a food coma, packing up and being tired. For our evening meal, we thought we weren’t that hungry so headed to Urban Deli at Sveavägen to get something light.

We ended up with this giant charcuterie board and plenty of red wine. Not very light. We ate the lot while discussing how it was the best day of eating we’ve ever had.

Urban Deli is a restaurant, bar, bakery and deli (obvs). the shop part is open late, so you can do your food shopping in one half then walk through to the bar/restaurant at the back where you’ll find a DJ playing and people drinking and eating. It’s impossibly cool in that laid-back way Sweden does best.

Urban Deli’s charcuterie board
Urban Deli

And so ended our wonderful time in Stockholm.

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