Our names are Caroline and Chris. We’re a 30-something couple based in the North West of England who work full time but try to go on holiday every 3 months. Or as much as we can stretch 32.5 days of annual leave to.

This blogging malarkey began after our honeymoon in May 2016. Basically, we needed a project to fill the void left by 3 years of wedding planning being over, otherwise we were just going to repeatedly redecorate our entire house for the rest of time. So we bought a fancy camera, got into photography and wrote some blog posts about our honeymoon. One of our first blogs ever went a bit viral (it was about Reykjavik if you’re interested – it’s not even a very good post). And the rest is history.

I (Caroline) tend to do most of the writing, but we share the photography between us. This means that any photos featuring a thumb over the lens aren’t by me.

We’ve been together since January 2011 and travel has always played a huge part in our relationship. We’ve racked up over 20 countries together now and I suppose forcing friends and family to look at photos and read about it was inevitable. But apparently strangers on the internet also quite like it.

European city breaks are the ‘bread and butter’ of our travel, as well as local UK breaks. But we’re lucky enough to have friends in Japan so really specialise in that. We don’t do all-inclusive hotels, package holidays, packing light, super luxury, or roughing it. Our travel is all about spending far too much money on new outfits for the trip and then staying in a mid-range rented apartment so we don’t have to get up for breakfast. We pack in absolutely loads of walking, culture, public transport and day trips in the days and tend to forage for local craft beer and gin at night… All while eating 24/7 and coming home to have to buy more clothes because fat.

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Countries/cities visited together

Obvs, we’ve been to other places on friend holidays but this is our joint list and where you’ll find stuff I’ve written about.

  1. England – We live here (unfortunately) so have seen a lot of it. Our ‘home’ cities are Liverpool and Manchester. We love Kirkby Lonsdale and Shrewsbury for weekends away.
  2. ScotlandDumfries & Galloway area – Kirkcudbright and around it (x2), Edinburgh (x3), North Berwick (x2)
  3. Isle of Manall over the island! Note: it’s not part of the UK.
  4. GermanyMunich (x2), Berlin, Landsberg am Lech
  5. BulgariaSofia
  6. PortugalMadeira (x3), Lisbon, Porto, Vila Nova De Gaia, Guimaraes
  7. Austria – Salzburg, Vienna
  8. France – Paris
  9. Belgium – Bruges
  10. Spain – Gran Canaria
  11. ItalyRome
  12. Vatican City – And what?
  13. Denmark – Copenhagen (x2)
  14. SwedenStockholm (x2), Gothenburg, Malmo (x2)
  15. NorwayBergen
  16. IcelandReykjavik
  17. JapanTokyo (x2), Kyoto, Matsumoto, Kanazawa, Itoigawa, Naoshima, Himeji, Kobe, Nara, Takamatsu, and generally all over Japan
  18. MaltaValletta, Mdina, Gozo, Golden Bay, Sliema
  19. SloveniaLjubljana
  20. CroatiaZagreb

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