Pack The Suitcases


Our names are Caroline and Chris. We’re a 30-something couple based in Cheshire, UK. We work full time but we try to go on holiday every 3 months, or as much as you can stretch 32.5 days of annual leave to.

After our honeymoon in May 2016, we started Pack The Suitcases. Basically, we needed a project to fill the void left by 3 years of wedding planning being over. So we bought a DSLR, got into photography and the rest is history. Fairly recent history.

We’ve been together since January 2011 and holidays have always played a huge part in our relationship. So we’d already been to quite a lot of destinations together before starting the blog. We decided not to do too many ‘retrospective’ blog posts because a) it would take forever and b) our old camera was rubbish. We’ll probably return to a lot of the places we loved anyway.

Our holidays are mostly European city breaks but we sometimes venture to visit friends in Japan, too.

Countries/cities visited together

  1. England – We live here (unfortunately) so have seen a lot of it. Our ‘home’ cities are Liverpool and Manchester. We also love Kirkby Lonsdale and Shrewsbury for local weekends away.
  2. Scotland – Dumfries & Galloway area, Edinburgh
  3. Isle of Man – all over the island! Note: it’s not part of the UK.
  4. GermanyMunich (x2), Berlin, Landsberg am Lech
  5. Bulgaria – Sofia
  6. PortugalMadeira (x2), Lisbon, Porto, Vila Nova De Gaia, Guimaraes
  7. Austria – Salzburg, Vienna
  8. France – Paris
  9. Belgium – Bruges
  10. Spain – Gran Canaria
  11. Italy – Rome
  12. Vatican City – !
  13. Denmark – Copenhagen (x2)
  14. SwedenStockholm (x2), Gothenburg, Malmo (x2)
  15. NorwayBergen
  16. IcelandReykjavik
  17. JapanTokyo (x2), Kyoto, Matsumoto, Kanazawa, Itoigawa, Naoshima, Himeji, Kobe, Nara, Takamatsu
  18. MaltaValletta, Mdina, Gozo

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