Three days in Bergen and its fjords

Three days in Bergen and its fjords | Pack The Suitcases

Our last stop on honeymoon was three days in Bergen, Norway. This was perhaps the place we were least excited about for some reason, but it was an absolute treat.




Cobbled streets and pastel houses

We checked into the beautiful Thon Hotel Rosenkranz and headed out to explore Bergen’s very hilly, winding cobbled streets full of picture-perfect houses.


Krok og Krinkel Bokcafe

We always eat well on holiday and our honeymoon was no exception, but to avoid returning home the size of a small country, we seek out salad as much as possible. This one at the cute Krok og Krinkel Bokcafe was delicious, although copious amounts of chorizo kind of defeated any illusions of being healthy.DSCF3427DSCF3423

Yet more pastel colours

The one possible downside of Bergen’s stunning mountainous and coastal location is the RAIN. When it rains, it does indeed pour. But, with so many pastel-coloured houses, it couldn’t put a dampener on the city. Just look at those bad boys! There was also the fantastic (and cheap) KODE museum of art, where we whiled away a wet morning.



Luckily the rain didn’t last long, although it was pretty horrific for the hair situation, hence no photos from that day…

River cruise to see the fjords

The next day we had another little wander around before heading out on a river cruise to see the fjords. We passed a local school that was only accessible by boat and saw some spectacular waterfalls that we sailed right next to – so close that passengers could hold a cup out to fill with the falling water.


Fine dining at 1877

The most memorable meal we had in Bergen was a tasting menu at 1877. It’s always a good sign (in our book) when the menu has no detail at all and you just get what you’re given.


Bryggen, Mount Floyen and the Floibanen

We had a look round Bryggen, the old town. The front is the old shipping warehouses, which are now all the shops you see along the harbour. But hidden behind this are narrow alleyways and crooked paths, with the old wooden houses leaning against each other. As beautiful as it is, it does get crowded, so we only had a quick mooch and then headed up to Mount Floyen and the Funicular (Floibanen). 10/10 for the view. And for the train (which is used by locals to commute up and down the mountain).


Bergen was a real gem, and definitely somewhere we will go back to. It was our first time together in Norway, too, and made us both want to see more of it. Considering Sweden is our firm favourite country, it wasn’t hard to feel at home in Norway too. Just don’t tell the Swedes that, obvs.

Three days in Bergen: useful information

How to get there

We arrived from Reykjavik, which is probably quite a niche journey to detail on here so it’s probably easier to tell you that it took us about four hours to fly back to Manchester airport.

Where to stay

We stay in the gorgeous Thon Hotel Rosenkranz. We don’t normally go for chain hotels but this one was great and despite a strike being on, the staff were fantastic.

How to get around

Everything is walkable, but you have to get the cute funicular railway up the mountain, which is an absolute treat. There’s a variety of river cruise boats to take to get to the fjords.

When to go

May was a beautiful time to go, although a bit rainy – but being from the UK, this wasn’t an issue.

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