I’m longlisted for a UK blog award 2018! Please can I have your vote?

UK blog awards 2018 | PACK THE SUITCASES

*Voting is now closed. Thanks to all my lovely readers who voted, especially those of you who then sent me brilliant emails to let me know. I’m working my way through replying to them all!*

Hiya. I don’t know how to say this so I will just start typing. I have a big announcement. I’ve ended up on the longlist for the entire UK Blog Awards in the travel category!

Those of you who’ve followed me for a while will recall when I was shortlisted for a Northern Blog Award and my subsequent complete failure to get placed. Despite past lack of success, I am now on the list for the blogging awards that cover the entire country. Of course?! So I am obviously here again to beg you, my lovely readers, for your vote in the travel category. Do I stand any chance of winning? Absolutely not. Am I going to bang on about it and keep hassling you for votes anyway? Of course.

Pack The Suitcases is up against some of the top travel bloggers in the UK (not surprising, this being the UK Blog Awards). These people do travel blogging for a living. Earning real money. Going to amazing undiscovered destinations. They are brilliant. Then there’s me, writing blogs on the train to work, earning a grand total of £0, and sharing ground-breaking thoughts on toilet water levels in America. But somehow, I’m on the list.

How to vote

Apologies for asking you so bluntly to vote for me. But as already established, I need all the help I can get. Plus I have no shame.

Go here and click on ‘vote now‘ to vote for me, Pack The Suitcases.

Voting closes at the end of December and then the shortlist is announced.

Voting is recorded by IP address, so if you’re a couple and you both want to vote for me but you live together so share an IP address, one of you will have to vote from another IP (for example, by using your mobile phone on 3G/data connection). This also goes for all my lovely colleagues in work who were incredibly supportive last time I asked for votes: please don’t vote using the office internet as it won’t count. I would hugely appreciate you doing it on your mobile or at home. And I’ll never shout at you about grammar again (this is a lie, but I do love you).

THANK YOU EVERYONE. As I said, my earnings from the blog come to the dizzy heights of £0, so I can’t offer you any bribes. But you have my eternal gratitude and any travel advice I can offer.

Thank you

I also just wanted to say a big thank you in general for reading Pack The Suitcases.

I really do appreciate it and love hearing from you all, even the more unhinged of you. In fact, especially those ones. Big shout out to the lady who wanted directions to a jewellery shop I’d recommended in Madeira while she was up a mountain. Sorry I was in a meeting and only replied six hours late. You are the best.

Normal blog posts will resume shortly. Keep an eye out for Hamburg and Copenhagen in the next few weeks.


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