What to eat in Porto, Portugal: 7 of the best restaurants and bars

Where to eat and drink in Porto | PACK THE SUITCASES

Here’s where and what to eat in Porto, Portugal – and of course where to have a drink to wash it down. We were spoiled for choice when looking for gorgeous restaurants and cafés to eat and drink in Porto. Everywhere we went was incredible.

Food and drink in Porto are much more than just getting tipsy on port wine and eating too much cheese. But those activities are also important while on holiday in Porto, so I’ve covered them in another post about Vila Nova de Gaia. 

This is a short introduction to some of the other excellent things that passed our lips over the 5 days in Porto. Portugal is just excellent at food in general…

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5 days in Porto: things to do, what to see and day trips

5 days in Porto: things to do, what to see and day trips | PACK THE SUITCASES

We’ve just got back from 5 days in Porto. OMG. I’m going to start this post by saying that Porto is brilliant. It’s too good. After our trip there, I haven’t stopped telling everyone I know that they HAVE to go. Porto is in the top 5 cities we’ve ever visited, easily. This blog is going to be a little highlights reel of our 5 days in Porto. We did far too much there to cover everything.

So here’s some things to do, what to see and day trips if you have 5 days (or more/less) to spend in Porto, Portugal…

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3 days in Bergen, Norway: things to do, where to eat and what to see

Three days in Bergen, Norway | PACK THE SUITCASES

3 days in Bergen, Nortway was a perfect amount of time to fall in love with this little city. The waterfront is gorgeous against the mountainous backdrop and it was one of the prettiest places we’ve ever explored. Bergen was our last stop on our honeymoon, after Gothenburg, Stockholm and Reykjavik. For some reason, it was perhaps the place we were least excited about. But it was an absolute treat and exceeded all expectations.

Bergen is definitely somewhere we will go back to. It was our first time together in Norway, too, and it made us both want to see more of it. Considering Sweden is our firm favourite country, it wasn’t hard to feel at home in Norway too. Just don’t tell the Swedes that, obvs…

Here are a few things to do/eat/see over 3 days in Bergen…

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4 days in Reykjavik, Iceland: things to do, see and eat

Four days in Reykjavik, Iceland | PACK THE SUITCASES

We spent 4 days in Reykjavik as the third destination on our honeymoon. We arrived with the sun shining. For somewhere that was grey for 99% of the time we were there, this was quite a good start. Reykjavik was a really memorable place, but we did have mixed feelings on it. Here are the main things we did and saw during our stay and some thoughts on it as a city.

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5 cheap eats in Stockholm and the best brunch ever

A weekend of cheap eats in Stockholm | PACK THE SUITCASES

We returned to Sweden’s capital, one of our favourite cities, as the second destination on our honeymoon (after Gothenburg). It ended up being a weekend of cheap eats in Stockholm because we knew we’d be spending a lot in our next destination (Reykjavik) and we were doing Eurovision too!

So here are some of the amazing things we ate (and drank) without breaking the bank. Yes, that rhymes. You’re welcome.

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Brännö island: the best day trip from Gothenburg, Sweden

Brännö island day trip - Gothenburg, Sweden | PACK THE SUITCASES

Our Brännö island day trip from Gothenburg was not only a highlight of our honeymoon, but the best day trip of any holiday we’ve ever been on (and that’s a lot). Despite Gothenburg as a city not feeling big or busy and also being very green, we still wanted a day trip out to somewhere more rural. So we picked the beautiful island of Brännö, in the southern part of the Gothenburg archipelago. On the island, cars are banned and there are only around 800 inhabitants (perfect for our favourite hobby of people-avoiding).

Brännö was recommended to us by the lady in the ticket office for the ferry. We were open to going to any of the archipelago islands, but Swedish people usually know best so we took her advice.

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