Restaurants in Ljubljana, Slovenia: 5 best places to eat

5 places to eat in Ljubljana, Slovenia | PACK THE SUITCASES

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Here are 5 brilliant places to eat in Ljubljana, Slovenia – both restaurants and cafes. We ate really well and really cheaply during our short break in the city, which you can read about in our post all about Ljubljana. I thought I’d list our favourite Ljubljana restaurants and food separately from our guide to the city, because the food was so good that it deserves its own post. They all have veggie or pescetarian options (which is what we eat most of the time), but almost all served meat too. Not once did we eat anything crap and we always felt like we’d got really good value for money.

So here you go – our pick of the best restaurants and cafés in beautiful Ljubljana, Slovenia…

Please note that this post is from 2017 and needs deleting and rewriting as it’s from before I knew how to blog/write. I’m in the process of rewriting and republishing all my older posts for 2022. Watch this space!

1. Pri Skofu: for homemade food in a cosy setting

Location on map: Rečna ulica 8

Pri Skofu was probably our favourite place we ate during our stay in Ljubljana.

The restaurant was really cosy, full of locals, and served the best homemade pasta either of us have ever had. It’s located down a side street on the edge of a residential area and I think the fact it’s a bit tucked away helped keep too many tourists away. We really liked the cute illustration of Ljubljana on the back wall too – especially the sausage dog.

The menu was fairly small – always a good sign – but had plenty of veggie and pescetarian options. We had the soup of the day and some local cheese dumplings to start, then the mushroom tagliatelle and the gnocchi. The desserts looked amazing but this was our last night and I was feeling obese so managed to hold off.

Restaurants in Ljubljana, Slovenia: 5 best places to eat | PACK THE SUITCASES

2. Ek Bistro: for a stylish brunch

Location on map: Petkovškovo nabrežje 65

Ek Bistro is a very cool little restaurant. The interior is stunning – all exposed brick, marble tables and fresh flowers everywhere – and perfect for an Instagram shot! But more importantly, the food was excellent.

On our last morning, we came here for brunch before our river cruise (which you can read about in our main Ljubljana post). I had eggs royale (the smoked salmon version of Benedict) and Chris had a shakshuka (baked eggs in tomato and chilli). The homemade bread that came with it was spot on.

Restaurants in Ljubljana, Slovenia: 5 best places to eat | PACK THE SUITCASES

3. Organic Garden: for vegan lunches

Location on map: Ciril-Metodov trg 11

Organic Garden is a little chain of cafés serving vegan breakfast/brunch/lunch options. We try to eat vegan a lot of the time so this was a gem for us. It was also very affordable and you could tell they’d put a lot of thought into the menu – no boring falafel wraps here.

We had soup and a salad for lunch along with some green tea. So far, so healthy.

Then we ended up being unable to resist this excellent raw vegan cake with coconut and pistachio. You know when a cake is all lovely and cold in the middle? That.

Restaurants in Ljubljana, Slovenia: 5 best places to eat | PACK THE SUITCASES

4. TaBar: for modern Slovenian tapas

Location on mapRibji trg 6

TaBar is beautiful modern tapas restaurant. If we’d had longer, we might even have gone back again to try other things on the menu. Every holiday we go on, we have one ‘treat’ meal, which tends to be a bit posher and pricier. This was it. All of it was exceptional quality and dishes started at €4.50 (from what I remember) so it was really good value considering how fancy it was (but not in a pretentious way). We’ve paid a lot more in other cities for bad quality tapas.

We had: roe deer chuck with Chinese cabbage and cranberries (our one meat for the week as we don’t normally eat it), mackerel with basil, octopus with dry tomatoes and thyme, rainbow trout with coriander, potatoes with olives, and baby lettuce with hazelnuts and figs. And a dessert, which was an ice cream special – I think this changes all the time.

OOH and we tried Slovenian orange wine here for the first time. Yes, orange. It was delicious and I generally don’t even like wine. Interestingly, our tour guide on the free walking tour said that Slovenia makes loads of brilliant alcohol but they hardly export any. Fair enough. I’d drink it all myself too. But yes, orange wine. 10/10 for that. You have to try it if you go.

Restaurants in Ljubljana, Slovenia: 5 best places to eat | PACK THE SUITCASES

5. Pizzeria FoculuS

Location on map: Gregorčičeva ulica 3

Last but not least, Pizzeria FoculuS was the restaurant we ate at on our first evening in Ljubljana. Unfortunately for my photography, it was quite dark inside so this is the best shot I got. It doesn’t do the pizzas justice.

I think our pizzas were about €8 each, which was a bargain. They could have fed a small country. We shared two different pizzas – anchovies for our pescetarian option and hummus and artichoke for our veggie option. Both were huge, with generous toppings. We also had some local beer to wash them down. All in all, it was lovely honest food – and again, we managed to be the only tourists in there, which is always a good thing. They also had a TV showing 80s music videos. Paul Simon – Call Me Al was the perfect backing music for eating pizza.

This was the only place we wandered into (after a quick check on TripAdvisor). Everything else we’d already noted as options on our map (see our travel planning tips for more on that!).

Restaurants in Ljubljana, Slovenia: 5 best places to eat | PACK THE SUITCASES

Looking for more, other than food, about this fantastic city? Read our guide to having a city break in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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Restaurants in Ljubljana, Slovenia: 5 best places to eat

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