I’m shortlisted for a Northern Blog Award! And I’m begging for your vote in a totally not desperate manner!

So… I’ve somehow ended up shortlisted for a Northern Blog Award for this here travel blog! What is going on?! I don’t know how this has happened. But obviously now here I am begging you, my lovely readers, for your vote (and not sounding at all desperate, right?). Here’s a bit of background to it and how you can vote for me. If you want to. No pressure. I just won’t ever speak to you again if you don’t. Ahem…

I found out that I’d made the travel blogger shortlist for the 2018 Northern Blog Awards a couple of weeks ago but voting has only opened today. And to be honest, it hasn’t really sunk in yet.

I don’t understand how my blog is up against some talented and glamorous folk who actually do travel blogging for a living. There’s me, typing out post ideas on the ever-delayed 17:31 train home from work, earning a grand total of £0, and sharing my thoughts on water levels in American toilets. But there we go. Seemingly, people other than my mum DO read it.

How to vote

So apologies for asking you so bluntly to vote for me, but I’m up against people with far more talent and thousands of followers so I need all the help I can get. And I have no shame.

This is the link to the voting form: VOTE HERE. Preferably for me.

The travel blogger category is the second-to-last category on the voting form. So I’m afraid you have a fair few pages to skip through before you get to the bit where you can vote for me. Just keep pressing ‘Next’ until you get to travel bloggers and then there I am, at the bottom of the list (I’m not reading into that!). Then just skip past the final category and you’re at the end. Remember to hit submit or your vote won’t go through.

So, if you’re going to vote or if you’ve already voted for me, THANK YOU. As already established, my earnings from the blog come to the dizzy heights of £0, so I can’t offer you any bribes. The Milky Bars are most definitely not on me. But you will have my eternal gratitude and any free travel advice I can offer.

Voting closes on Friday 20th July. By that point, if you follow me on Facebook, you’ll be sick of hearing about this award. Soz!

Here I am with a G&T to celebrate.

A whopping massive thank you

I also just wanted to say a big thank you in general for reading some or all of the stuff I write here. Especially to those who follow from up north (Scotland included) because this award is all about us northerners and that’s why I’m extra happy about it.

Do I stand any chance of winning? Probably not. Am I going to bang on about being shortlisted and keep hassling people for votes anyway? Absolutely.

This is really happening. I even have a Northern Blog Award badge to prove it. Look:

Norther Blog Awards 2018 - Shortlisted

Normal blog posts will resume shortly.

I have LOADS about our May holiday to San Francisco and Boston to write up and also a return trip to the Isle of Man coming up.

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  1. Our votes have been casted (is that a word?!). Good luck! Have just returned from our first trip to Funchal and loved lots of the places listed on your blog.

  2. Well done Caroline. Richly deserved . I know how much thought and effort you put in to your blog. Always a pleasure to read. Yes,we’ve voted and have reminded your ‘silent’ readers to vote too.

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