Brännö island: the best day trip from Gothenburg, Sweden

Brännö island day trip - Gothenburg, Sweden | PACK THE SUITCASES

Our Brännö island day trip from Gothenburg was not only a highlight of our honeymoon, but the best day trip of any holiday we’ve ever been on (and that’s a lot). Despite Gothenburg as a city not feeling big or busy and also being very green, we still wanted a day trip out to somewhere more rural. So we picked the beautiful island of Brännö, in the southern part of the Gothenburg archipelago. On the island, cars are banned and there are only around 800 inhabitants (perfect for our favourite hobby of people-avoiding).

Brännö was recommended to us by the lady in the ticket office for the ferry. We were open to going to any of the archipelago islands, but Swedish people usually know best so we took her advice.

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