12 gorgeous ideas for glamping with a hot tub in Cornwall, UK

Ideas for glamping with a hot tub in Cornwall | PACK THE SUITCASES

If you fancy glamping with a hot tub in Cornwall (and who doesn’t?!) but you’re a bit overwhelmed and don’t know where to even start to find somewhere, here are 12 ideas for you. Cornwall is a hugely popular UK destination so it can be a bit of a mission trying to narrow down where to stay. And of course, glamping is getting more and more popular so there’s a lot of choice. I have to say, as someone who hates the idea of ‘proper’ camping, glamping is really my cup of tea. I love nature and the outdoors but beds and heating were invented for a reason. And when these home comforts are inside some kind of whimsical cabin or shepherd’s hut, even better.

So, as my regular readers probably know, I love nothing more than putting the kettle on, grabbing my laptop and doing a spot of in-depth accommodation research before I book a trip anywhere. The results of that research are what I’m sharing with you in this post. I’ve narrowed down about a million glamping options in Cornwall, all complete with the ever-important hot tub of course, and noted all the important details like cost, location and how many each sleeps. 

If this all sounds rather up your street, read on for some gorgeous accommodation ideas for glamping with a hot tub in Cornwall… 

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Where to stay in Hamburg: a review of Hotel Baseler Hof

Where to stay in Hamburg: a review of Hotel Baseler Hof | PACK THE SUITCASES

If you’re frantically googling where to stay in Hamburg, hopefully this review will help you out. I stayed at the rather lovely Hotel Baseler Hof on my recent trip to Hamburg, which worked out really well as a cosy base for exploring this brilliant and underrated German city.

I very rarely stay in hotels these days, usually going for apartments to save a bit of money. However, my time in Hamburg was limited and the weather was freezing, so I needed to be a) in a reliable hotel and b) really central. Hotel Baseler Hof ticked the boxes with a very big fat tick and I loved every minute of my time there. This is the first hotel review I’ve EVER written, by the way. Does that make me a proper travel blogger now?!

While you’re here and clearly doing a bit of Hamburg research, allow me to not-so-subtly shove you towards my post about how to spend 2 days in Hamburg, which covers all the things to do, see, eat and drink that I enjoyed there. It features a lot of cocktails and model railways. A classic combination.

If you’re just after a very honest review of a hotel that I genuinely would recommend for a city break in Hamburg, keep reading…

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