How I make money from travel blogging

I’m asked regularly about how to make money travel blogging, so I’ve decided to finally write this detailed explanation of how I do it in 2024. There are a lot of articles on monetising a blog out there online but I’ve found that most are unrealistic and/or outdated. Many are also very American-centric or not specifically about travel blogging. 

I don’t know why people are so fascinated by how to make money through travel blogging, but they are. I’m asked almost every time I tell someone what I do: ‘How do you make money from that?’. As if writing, photography and digital skills (the three areas that make up blogging) aren’t all fairly established jobs already. I don’t know whether this curiosity is specific to travel blogging, or whether finance, recipe or gardening bloggers get the same interrogation.

This article is not about how to set a blog up and start writing (although I might do another one on that). I’m just going to talk about the different income streams my blog has. Hopefully it’ll be interesting and also maybe helpful for other travel bloggers just starting out.

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Blogger vs vlogger vs influencer: what’s the difference?

If you’re confused about the difference between a blogger vs vlogger vs influencer, here’s my guide on them and how they differ. I hope to explain it all, just like Clarissa would have wanted. I’ve defined each term and given context about how they differ. And I’ll try not to be too biased towards my own job (a blogger) vs the comparatively rubbish roles of vloggers and influencers…

The reason I’m writing this post is because I’ve got annoyed by something on the internet. Quelle surprise, I know. Inaccuracy has always annoyed me but recently, I’m sick of seeing the press and traditional media using the terms blogger, vlogger and influencer interchangeably and incorrectly. Only last week, I read a news article using the term ‘blogger’ about a woman who is a reality TV star and influencer but who definitely doesn’t have a blog. Nothing wrong with being an influencer, of course, but it’s a whole different job. So the result of my annoyance is this guide, which will hopefully a) clear things up for anyone confused and b) make me feel better for getting it off my chest.

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21 of the best winter sun destinations to escape the cold

The best winter sun destinations | PACK THE SUITCASES

I wanted to put together a post about some of the best winter sun destinations to give my readers some ideas for where to escape the miserable cold weather. When people say ‘winter sun’, it can conjure up images of somewhere tacky and rubbish, with little to see or do other than staying inside a hotel complex and lying around on the beach. That’s not my idea of a holiday at all. I want a bit of warmth on my bones in the depths of winter as much as the next person. But I don’t want to compromise on interesting things to do, culture, and great local food. So this list covers places that suit my wishes, and hopefully yours too.

This post is a bit different from my usual inane ramblings, by the way. As well as sharing my very very favourite of all the winter sun destinations that I’ve visited myself, I thought I’d get some inspiration for places I’ve not been to yet. So I asked around a handful of fellow travel bloggers and they kindly obliged me with plenty of ideas. So voila – here we have this huge list of the best winter sun destinations. I hope it helps you decide where to go to thaw out for a bit.

So put the kettle on, crank the heating up to get into the spirit of things, and have a read. It might take you a while to pick just one place out of all these sunny delights…

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Pack The Suitcases’ (pathetic) 2020 travel roundup

Travel roundup 2020 | PACK THE SUITCASES

Happy new year! Despite what 2020 has thrown at us all, I’m sticking with my yearly tradition of doing a travel roundup of everywhere I went in the last year. Yes, I appreciate the irony in trying to write anything about travel in 2020, a year when we hardly left our homes. But I’m going to give it a go anyway.

In these yearly roundups, I try to sum up the ‘best of’ and ‘worst of’ for all my previous year’s travel. They serve as a kind of personal reminder and are more for me than anything else. But I’ve got myself into doing them as a tradition now. Maybe they’re mildly useful for anyone wanting to know where I recommend. Or don’t recommend. As you’ve probably deduced, there’s very little in this 2020-based one. But I’ve shared some of my thoughts on the little travel I managed this year and also some musings on the state of travel blogging and how it’s been affected by the pandemic.

So, pour the dregs of your New Year’s Eve bubbly and have a read about my pathetic ‘travels’ in 2020: the least travelly year of my adult life. Let me know in the comments how you’ve survived 2020 and what travel plans you’re hoping to do in 2021.

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Pack The Suitcases’ 2019 travel roundup

Pack The Suitcases’ 2019 travel roundup | PACK THE SUITCASES

Happy belated new year! Here’s my equally belated 2019 travel roundup. Yes, it’s the post no one has been waiting for.

Every January since I started blogging here on Pack The Suitcases, I’ve dished out the ‘best of’ and ‘worst of’ for all the previous year’s travel, to serve as a kind of personal reminder and a bit of amusement (usually failing at the latter) for my readers.

Only about three people read these roundups, they earn me £0, and they die a death after a day, never to be seen again. No one is ever going to Google ‘I wonder what countries that blogger went to in 2019 and her banal thoughts on them’. But I’ve got myself into doing these posts as a tradition now. I can’t stop. Soz.

So here’s the 2019 one. To be fair, it might give you some ideas about where to go (and where to avoid?) for 2020…

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18 ideas for gifts for travel lovers

I’ve put together this list of gifts for travel lovers. As someone who loves travel, I’d be made up with any of these things. In fact, I already have quite a few of them, so I can vouch that they actually are nice things to have.

Before you settle in to peruse my travel-themed present ideas, I just want to assure you that this list does not contain scratch maps, novelty passport cases or any other useless stuff that’s been done to death… Enjoy!

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